Sustainable fonts: A simple choice that can pay dividends

Jun 15, 2022 | Office Suite, PDF editor

When it comes to fonts, elements such as serifs versus sans-serifs, size, and color are top-of-mind. Sustainability, however, not so much. As sustainability comes down to careful choices, even something as mundane as fonts play a role in our environment, especially if your organization favors printed materials. 

On top of paper, there are fonts – literally and figuratively. Printing without care may waste both paper and ink, which can result in higher costs that your company as well as the environment have to bear. To help prevent this, start with fonts. They should be sustainable and also easy on the eyes. When you choose fonts, consider factors such as ink usage, color contrast, spacing and alignment, and more. Even something as simple as smart font choices can be a way to positively contribute to sustainability in the long run. Learn more about sustainable and accessible font choices with this graphic.

How does my font and font size affect sustainability?

Some fonts use more ink than others. And traditional inks use petroleum, which requires fossil fuel extraction. When you choose an ink-efficient font, you cut down on the amount of ink used and save on ink costs in the process.

For instance, the font Garamond font uses about 30 percent less ink than the popular font Times New Roman when used at the same font size. Century Gothic uses about 30 percent less ink than Arial. Designers are also unveiling “eco fonts” that have been designed with white spaces (such as dots or lines) within the letters, again requiring less ink.

The size of the font used also affects sustainability. Not only does a larger font size use more toner and more plastic toner cartridges, it also uses more paper. More paper means more storage space, more folders, and even more staples. While it seems small, these things add up.


When considering your environmental impact with fonts, it is also important to think about the readability of your final product. Nothing is a bigger waste than having to scrap your printing project entirely because it’s unreadable.

By being thoughtful about your chosen font style, you can cut down on waste and make sure a broad audience can understand and enjoy your printed products.

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