Simplify QR code and barcode insertion in your documents with SoftMaker Office 2024

Sep 27, 2023 | Office Suite

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for seamless QR code and barcode integration in documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is on the rise. SoftMaker Office Professional 2024 provides an intuitive solution, simplifying what was once a complex process. QR codes can store various data, including numbers, text, or website URLs, enhancing accessibility and engagement for users equipped with camera phones and scanning applications. Meanwhile, barcodes efficiently track and manage products, assets, and information, minimizing errors and promoting automation across diverse industries.

To create and insert your own QR code/barcode, proceed as follow

1. Choose the ribbon command Insert | group Objects | QR Code/Barcode frame.
2. Choose the desired code Type (QR code or linear barcode) in the drop down menu.
3. Enter the desired URL, text, or number in the field below.
4. Click on OK. The QR code or barcode is now inserted as a picture frame.

You can easily reposition or resize the frame:

  • To move it, click and drag the frame to your desired location.
  • To adjust its size, use the round handles surrounding the frame.

Note: Picture frames can also be converted into embedded images or vice versa using the “Convert” command in the ribbon.

Here are options available in the drop down menu:

  • QR code: This versatile two-dimensional code accommodates various data types without length limitations, making it ideal for URLs and more.
  • Barcode128: A high-density alphanumeric barcode, supporting numbers and ASCII characters, with an optional text display.
  • Barcode EAN-13: A numeric barcode requiring 12 digits, automatically generating a 13th checksum digit.
  • Barcode EAN-8: A numeric barcode with 7 required digits and an automatically generated 8th checksum digit.

SoftMaker Office Professional 2024 simplifies the integration of QR codes and barcodes, enhancing your document management experience and streamlining information access. Download 30 days trial here.  To purchase license simple click on Buy Now.


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