What is new in FlexiPDF Profesional 2022?

The new ribbon interface

With FlexiPDF 2022, you can edit PDF documents as easily as with a word processor. FlexiPDF provides a completely new ribbon style toolbar similar to modern Office programs. This makes it particularly easy when starting off with the program or migrating to it. You will find the commands in familiar locations like in TextMaker, Microsoft Word and other Office applications.

The new “dark mode”

Prolonged work on the screen can be very tiring for your eyes. FlexiPDF 2022 provides a solution. With just one click, you can switch the user interface to a dark mode that is easier on your eyes. Ribbon toolbar can be also minimized to reduce size of user interface if needed


The Quick access toolbar

If you have use SoftMaker Office, you are probably familiar with the Quick access toolbar below the ribbon. You can access the most important commands in FlexiPDF 2022 with just one click. Easily adapt the selection of commands according to your needs and preference.


Faster switching of work mode

The Quick access toolbar also shows the most important work modes at a glance. This allows you to instantly switch from text editing to Hand tool or Object tool mode and back again. With just one click, you can determine how you want to edit your PDF document.

Change the zoom level in the status bar

In new FlexiPDF 2022, the status bar contains a slider for continuous adjustment of the zoom level of text and images in your PDF document.

Numerous new dropdown elements

A variety of new dropdown elements are available in the FlexiPDF ribbon, clearly arranged so you will always find what you need quickly.

PDF/A export for permanent archiving

Thanks to the standard of the long-term archive format PDF/A, you can create files that you will be able to easily open any time in the future. The format is thus ideal for digitizing your most important documents – especially in cooperation with the OCR function.

Digital signatures

Digital signatures enable you to make your documents “official” by protecting their authenticity. Once PDF document is signed any further editing will invalidate the digital signature.

The advanced document comparison

FlexiPDF 2022 lets you view two PDF documents side by side and scroll through them synchronously. By automatically highlighting differences between two documents in color, the program saves you time when comparing two PDF files and more.

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