Presentations 2021

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SoftMaker Office 2021

Presentations 2021 is fast, powerful and compatible.
Just as a good presentation program should be.

Compatible with PowerPoint. No compromises. 

This is what seamless document exchange looks like.
PPTX is the default file format of Presentations 2021. This lets you skip the annoying import and export. You can open files created with Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, and vice-versa – directly, without conversion.

Presentations 2021 also lets you edit PPT files and export slide shows as high-quality HTML and PDF files. You can also create archival PDFs in PDF/A format for the long-term preservation of your presentations. Additionally, Presentations for Windows and Mac allows you to create movie files in outstanding quality from your presentations.

Design attractive slideshows and more…

SoftMaker Office 2021

The new master-page concept supports a creation of comprehensive presentations. You can now create as many master-page layouts as you like, and position any number of placeholders in them with just a few clicks. Use impressive animations and slide transitions using OpenGL graphics acceleration, add music, video or spoken comments and illustrate your slides with graphics, tables and charts. The TextArt enables you to create jazzy slogans, and AutoShapes underlines the important items graphically.

Native PDF export
Convert any presentation into an Adobe PDF file as slides, handouts, notes pages, or an outline view. The native PDF export function allows you to specify how many slides per pager, color or grayscale and more that can be exported to PDF. Easily control PDF preferences, layout, permissions and encryption.

Double-screen support
The speaker can run the presentation on two monitors at the same time. One is for the speaker and the other for the audience, this way the audience will not see what is happening on the primary display. Support for virtual pen and highlighter, and a looped presentation in kiosks is available as well.

Export presentation to portable slide show
You can now create portable slide shows that can be played back on any Windows computer with all effects, animations and transitions, even if there is no presentation graphics software installed. Alternatively  you can to export your presentation into movie (video format .AVI or .WMV) or into .HTML format. 

Presentations 2021

SoftMaker Office 2021

Your new presentations program

Stun the audience with great slide shows, thanks to Presentations 2021. Use impressive graphics, breathtaking animations, slide transitions, and easy-to-use audio and video.

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