What is new in SoftMaker Office 2024?

Major new features in all applications

  • You can now compress inserted pictures. This reduces the document file size, makes a smaller PDF files and speeds up printing [SOFTMAKER OFFICE PROFESSIONAL].
  • Add QR codes and barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, Code128) into your documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • During PDF export, pictures can now be exported in a lower resolution, resulting in smaller PDF file size.
  • Automatic correction of common typos in many languages.
  • [MAC] SoftMaker Office for Mac uses Metal graphics acceleration instead of OpenGL.
  • New document dialog box includes an additional list view that shows a list of files instead of thumbnails.
  • When pasting from the clipboard, you can choose between keeping the source formatting, applying the target formatting, pasting unformatted and merging the formatting.
  • You can now insert pictures in WEBP format in all programs.
  • Better handling of spell checking: SoftMaker and Hunspell dictionaries are now automatically downloaded when they are used for the first time.
  • Grouped objects can be edited more easily.
  • The full document path can now be optionally displayed in the program’s title bar (switchable in the Options dialog box).
  • [MAC] The applications now fetch the font list via official functions of the operating system. As a result, fonts are also found in other folders, and font filtering by programs such as Font Book and Font Menu Cleaner also affects SoftMaker Office.
  • [MAC] Clean font list: The new setting “Load only fonts relevant for installed keyboard layouts” hides the fonts in the font list that you normally don’t need. Example: You don’t have a Chinese keyboard layout installed, so you probably don’t need Chinese fonts.
  • You can directly enter the hex value of a Unicode character in Insert | Symbol.
  • When inserting a hyperlink, a text is automatically suggested, but you can still edit it.
  • Improved dark mode with dark sidebars and document background.
  • Dark mode can  turn on and off automatically when your operating system changes to “dark” or “light”.
  • In addition to sending documents via e-mail, there is now also a “Share” command that can share the document with Windows apps.
  • When replacing text, Undo undoes each step individually.
  • [MAC] When printing, the Apple print dialog is shown immediately, skipping the CUPS options.
  • Documents are now saved in such a way that file attributes such as “Compressed”, “Icon position on desktop”, “Owner” etc. are preserved.
  • In Windows 11, the appearance of the programs is harmoniously adapted to the operating system.

New in TextMaker 2024

  • It is possible to select multiple non-contiguous text ranges with the Ctrl key.
  • Easy document comparison thanks to synchronous scrolling of two documents displayed side by side.
  • Use the new Finalize command to remove personal information from documents [SOFTMAKER OFFICE PROFESSIONAL].
  • [WINDOWS] The Read aloud function reads a document to you [SOFTMAKER OFFICE PROFESSIONAL].
  • You can  create TMDX and DOCX documents with embedded fonts. The recipient will then see your documents in the fonts you chose, without having these fonts installed.
  • Deletions with tracked changes active can now be optionally displayed in the comments pane instead of directly in the document.
  • New view mode Book layout displays the first page of a document on the right in two-page view.
  • Paragraph and character styles can be filtered by “All styles”, “Styles in use” and “Styles in document”.
  • An element for rotating table cells was added to the ribbon Table.
  • The EPUB export can export pictures in a lower resolution, resulting in more smaller EPUB files [SOFTMAKER OFFICE PROFESSIONAL].
  • If you display spaces in the document as dots, these are shown for all Unicode variants of the space character.
  • Added numbered lists with leading zeros.
  • The numbering in lists can also be right-aligned.
  • Use =rand() or =lorem() to generate a dummy text.

New in PlanMaker 2024

  • Added import and export to SQLite databases.
  • Sort by color (cell color and font color).
  • The AutoFilter can also filter by color.
  • When opening CSV files, the order of dates can be specified: DMY, MDY, YMD.
  • When opening CSV files, you can specify decimal separators and thousands separators different from the settings of the operating system.
  • Chart titles, axis titles and data labels can now be fetched dynamically from cells.
  • The text in AutoShapes can now dynamically refer to a cell (right mouse button on the AutoShape, “Link to a cell”).
  • On the ribbon tab Formulas, there is a new element that can be used to conveniently select the recalculation options.
  • Pivot tables can be sorted using user-defined lists.
  • The input line can be enlarged, which makes editing long formulas easier. You can choose to show the input line as a single row or multiple rows, or have it automatically expand for long formulas.

New in Presentations 2024

  • You can now enter notes below the slide.
  • New PowerPoint-compatible dynamic slide transitions.
  • [LINUX] Sound in presentations can also be played in Linux.
  • [LINUX]Videos in presentations can also be played in Linux.
  • [MAC, LINUX] You can now create presentations with embedded fonts in Linux and on the Mac. The recipient will then see your presentations in the fonts you chose, without installing fonts on their system.
  • An element for rotating table cells was added to the ribbon Table.
  • In full screen mode, the rulers can be switched on and off easily.

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